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Affiliate Member of Safari Club International & National Rifle Association

The SA Sport and Hunting Federation offers a home to families and individuals who love the bush, hunting and shooting range activities. The Federation was established in 1991 mainly to follow ethical standards in hunting and range shooting. SA Sport and Hunting Federation is an internet-driven accredited organisation for the whole family as well as for the serious hunter who likes to hunt and practice shooting as a sport. His family can be involved and regular participation in activities which can support his/her application process when applying to possess firearms.


Membership of the Federation provides for each member of your family the chance to practice range shooting as a sport and shooting competitions...


The principles of amateur hunting is supported and members can practise hunting skills at the range to improve shooting with handguns...

Dedicated Status

The SA Sport and Hunting Federation is an accredited hunting and sport organisation with the South African Police Service and are allowed to issue dedicated statuses...


Unique competitions are offered for rifle hunting, bird hunting and bow hunting...


The Federation is accredited by the South African Police Service (SAPS)...


Annual recognition for achievement is given at provincial and national level...

Our Banking Details

SA Sport en Jag Nasionaal | FNB, Mall of the North | Branch code : 250 655 | Account number : 624 159 83651
Always use your membership number as reference and send proof of payment to info@sa-sportjag.co.za

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