Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of the SASHF
The objectives of the Federation are to administer, manage, execute and control the following disciplines within the Federation and offer regular competitions at Provincial and National level, namely:

Hunting consist of those following departments:
Rifle Hunting
Wing Shooting
Bow Hunting

Range Sport consist of those following departments:
Big Bore Rifles
Small Bore Rifles
Shot Guns
Hand waepon
Bow Shoot
Air Pistol
Long distance Shoot
Air Rifle

To subscribe to the principles of amateur hunter, amateur shooting and amateur sports and to practice hunting and shooting as a bona fide sport and improve hunting and shooting skills of members.

To promote the safe management of firearms through continued, meaningful training.

To make a continuous positive contribution to nature conservation, to respect and appreciate in deep appreciation to the Creator, nature and everything in it.

To organize an annual competition in both disciplines with their different departments offered. Such competition will be known as the S.A. Championships.

To be able to choose a national team for both disciplines with their different divisions after the S.A. Championships

To award national colors to qualifying members after the S.A. Championships.

To organize, manage and host international competitions for elected national teams.

To ensure that ethical hunting codes and respect for nature are maintained at all times.

To ensure that hunting and shooting shooting rules are compiled and applied correctly and maintained.

To keep record of all hunting and sports scompetitions.

To create a National Website, maintain as official communication and information network for members, ensure that the Federation's website is updated from time to time, functional, user-friendly and accessible to all members, which will also be accessible internationally.

To apply heraldic evaluation and principles regarding the marks and colors of the Federation with its respective provinces.

To use and manage the income, property and assets of the Federation from any source in order to maintain, maintain and achieve the interests and objectives of the Federation in the interest of all members.

To use, protect and preserve the nature and all natural resources in the area where sport is practiced in all its disciplines, for the progeny.

To apply fiscal and financial discipline and to give proper account of all financial transactions.

To ensure that all member provinces apply sound administrative and financial management in the interest of all members through equal treatment and assistance where and if necessary.

To establish a national own magazine or official news bulletin for and on behalf of members as a common means of communication with and between members and spreading it among members.

To hold an annual Annual General Meeting for all members.

To build and establish a positive image of the hunter and sport shooter.

To develop and promote responsible firearm ownership.

To link with Government agencies and participate in forums and decision making processes to promote the interests of members.

To establish and expand the Federation internationally and to create and maintain an international constitution.

To establish a National Executive Board, which governs the Federation and its member provinces by the application of this Constitution and by making decisions and issuing rules and, where necessary, applying disciplinary action to the Federation and all its disciplines effectively and in the interests of all its members in an A-political manner.